The Challenge

Up to 59% of graduates are unemployed in Zambia

Africa is experiencing a youth unemployment crisis.

Zambia is one of the world’ s fastest growing countries. It’ s also one of the youngest by median age.

Even the brightest young Zambians are graduating to find virtually no job opportunities or options for advancement. They are locked into a vicious cycle of poverty and exclusion.

Gainful employment is the single most powerful tool for sustainable poverty elimination, and Africa is missing out.

The Impact Solution

We are the first impact sourcing company in Zambia, creating digital jobs for young graduates.

The new digital economy means access to employment is no longer determined by where you are born.

We provide hands on training and career development to our fantastic team of Data Specialists, helping them build a foundation for their careers and continued education.

We are demonstrating that eager individuals across the developing world have the skills to work and compete in the global marketplace.

Impact’s Journey for Success

Next Generation Outsourcing

Our Results

The social impact of our work can already be seen rippling through our community.

We are laying the foundation for their professional careers and providing a path away from the cycle of informal employment. Our employees develop themselves every day and their experience with the company serves as a springboard to future job prospects and opportunities.


Impact Academy

The Impact Academy is an extended educational and training program offered to local recent secondary school graduates. The Academy focuses not only on creating the best candidates for Impact Enterprises, but also giving them the skills for success in life outside of Impact Enterprises.

Workshops cover topics such as financial literacy, nutrition, professional communication and, of course, ICT skills. This two-month curriculum gives eager young adults the opportunity to learn important life skills and a space time to practice them before joining the Impact team.

Chipata Tech Hub

Chipata Tech Hub (CTH) is an opportunity for local youth with a passion for computer science to come together, share skills with each other, and learn to tackle problems as a team in a professional office environment.

Utilizing our training and workshop areas, CTH leadership has curated educational online courses and hardware maintenance programs to create a bootcamp that certifies individuals to be members of CTH. Members participate in ongoing computer science workshops and solve local business challenges via technology, all while generating an income for themselves.