Impact Enterprises offers a broad range of data enrichment services to help ensure the quality of your machine learning tools.

With a dedicated team trained specifically for your project, we can ensure your data management is secure, quick, and affordable. Our commitment to transparency means you’ ll also be able to keep an eye on the process every step of the way, guaranteeing that we strengthen your data with your needs in mind.

We’ ll work with you to design personalized solutions and workflows. A project manager and dedicated team will oversee your work to ensure the quality and security of our data services.


COMPUTER VISION – From 2D to 3D to LIDAR, we’ve processed over 1.5 million objects and data points in images. Use the power of human intelligence to study and comprehend complex images to extract understanding.

We handle a variety of image tasks:

  • Video Annotation
  • Bounding boxes
  • Line tracing
  • Polygons
  • 3D bounding
  • Object identification and tagging
  • Multi-frame analysis
  • Product and logo recognition


Our English-based team is fluent in text and speech recognition extract understanding from any context.

We cover:

  • Chatbot review and training
  • Context identification
  • Content categorization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Text mining
  • Summarization


Utilize our workforce to enhance your geographic and location-based data. Scale your efforts to analyze maps, diagrams, surveys, charts, and images.

Leverage our diverse experience with:

  • Structure outlines
  • Roadways
  • Property surveys
  • Driveways, lots, and parking structures
  • Entrance/exit identification
  • 2D, 3D, and Street view analysis
  • Structure, signage, and object tagging