Our Managing Director Mukala tells us about his passions and the future of IT sector

Today we talked to Mukala, Managing Director of Impact Enterprises. Read about his passions inside and outside the company and his thoughts on the importance of growing the IT sector in Africa. How long have you been with Impact Enterprises? 1,5 years What is your educational background? I studied Applied computer science and economics in [...]

2019-02-25T11:37:38-05:00By |Impact Stories|

Your Data Needs Help

Innovations in big data, analytics tools, and easier access to broad global data are helping reshape businesses, research, and global initiatives. But data is only valuable when it’s used. Managing that data is an integral process for all organizations, but can be a huge burden. Luckily, lots of outsourced solutions exist to solve all these [...]

2016-02-02T11:56:29-05:00By |Business Guidance|

Social Impact Measurement: What are the Tools?

Part 2 of 2 Recently, we looked at how social enterprises are establishing a model for future industries. By blending social awareness into traditional business practices, companies gain various benefits that lead to long-term results. At first glance, this may seem obvious and optimistic, but how do we actually measure the social impact? Measuring the [...]

2015-10-22T14:07:52-04:00By |Impact Stories|
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