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Healthy March at Impact Enterprises as part of youth development initiative in Zambia

March is over and it was a very special month at Impact Enterprises. First, we introduced new activity workshop to our employees – Active Fridays!  We now kick off every Friday with some exercise and yoga early in the morning to get more energy for the last day of the working week. Apart from our employees getting health [...]

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Impact Stories: Moving from X to Y

In 1960, Douglas McGregor at MIT’s Sloan School of Business formulated the Theory X and Y management structures. According to Theory X, workers inherently dislike their jobs. People must be coerced, controlled, or punished to accomplish their tasks. It’s all about the money. Sound familiar? Theory Y, conversely, states people are actually motivated by higher [...]

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Our Managing Director Mukala tells us about his passions and the future of IT sector

Today we talked to Mukala, Managing Director of Impact Enterprises. Read about his passions inside and outside the company and his thoughts on the importance of growing the IT sector in Africa. How long have you been with Impact Enterprises? 1,5 years What is your educational background? I studied Applied computer science and economics in [...]

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