Questions to Uncover Your Customer’s Needs

Knowing the right questions to connect a customer’s need to your solution is the key to unlocking any sales strategy. While the sales questions available to businesses vary, they overlap in many instances. Still, the nuances in each question should never be neglected. The most effective way to uncover a customer’s needs is to be attentive and pick your moments.

2021-07-12T14:31:39-04:00By |Impact Stories|

The Pandemic’s Impact on ABM

ABM Trends through 2022 - The pandemic destabilized traditional markets, so analytics teams have had to work overtime to understand the new landscape. Of course, existing accounts aren't affected since they're already a part of operations, making it easier to funnel them for repeat transactions.

2021-07-07T12:28:50-04:00By |Impact Stories|
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