Since the pandemic began, inboxes have been filled with email that don’t convert. People realized that life is short. They have not spent money, resources, or attention on things they did not need or find important

This is why having a quality email cadence is more important than ever. Timing and tone in any email sets the stage for how buyers perceive your brand. Many people and businesses are meeting each other through the computer screen. Because this is so impersonal, communication and perception are everything.

Making emails more considerate and personal gives customers what they need. Traditional sales tactics do not work anymore in B2B or B2C email marketing. That is why emails should be tailored to a human-friendly brand voice that the customer can relate to at their point in the buying journey.

There are many things that can be done to grab customer attention and convert without employing an overly sales-minded approach. Here are 10 tips that can make your email cadence more effective.


Map Out Specific Audiences

Creating audience segments makes sure that relevant content is targeted to the right leads and customers. Software like Hubspot, Leadfeeder, Convertkit, and Mailchimp can help to create segmented audiences. Targeting is important so that emails reach customers and leads who are most likely to engage relevant content at specific touchpoints.


Send Your Email on A Friday

Data collected from 2020 shows that people open emails most often on Friday. This is also the day with the highest click-to-open and click-through rates.


Keep the Subject Short and Sweet

Data shows that 65 characters is the ideal length for email subjects. People want to know what the email is about before they spend time opening and reading it. If there is more information, it can go in the email description or summary that appears below the subject.


Combine with a Free Trial to Nurture Leads

Many people had unexpected financial decisions to make in 2020. Offering a free trial in the email cadence is a great way to contribute to the wellbeing of email subscribers. Free trials also an effective way to acquire viable leads.


Listen to The Customers

Beyond surveys and feedback requests, monitoring social media conversations can reveal what customers are saying about the brand. This is useful to see if customers are complaining about the frequency of emails. If potential leads are sharing a specific piece of relevant content, this is also valuable information for creating an effective email cadence.


Offer One-on-One Interactions

If the company has the bandwidth, allowing customers to interact directly with sales reps and the marketing team can create personal bonds. This is easy to do in email by inviting customer feedback and replying to customer questions.

One-on-one interactions are powerful ways to engage customers. They will know there is a real person behind the brand’s emails – not just automated sending.


Send Only Relevant Email Content

Creating educational and useful content for audiences helps the company stand out as an authority in the market. Emailing useful content shows leads and customers that the brand is a trustworthy source of knowledge.


Use lead magnets

Customers give their personal data expecting to receive something of value in exchange. Lead magnets are the perfect way to fulfill this expectation. Delivering them at the start of the email cadence shows instant credibility. This is a perfect starting point for any email cadence.


Make unsubscribing easy

Best practice for email marketing is to be as respectful of the customer’s personal space as possible. That means allowing the customer to make the decision when it is time for them to unsubscribe.

People are savvier to manipulative marketing techniques and will send emails to spam if they cannot figure out how to unsubscribe. Making it easy to unsubscribe is a great way to connect with people who are more likely to make a purchase and engage with your brand.


Email Frequency

Update – According to Litmus, the sweet spot for how often you send out emails, will have an effect. They recommend 9-16 emails each month to maximize returns.


Showing Respect Brings Better Results

In the past, brands would send aggressively timed email cadences. After a while, even a social company like LinkedIn had to slow down as customers complained about the amount of emails they were receiving.

Consider the personal email space of customers and leads when timing and creating emails. The ones who truly enjoy the brand message and products will remain.

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A great email campaign starts with the freshest and highly targeted lists. Consider micro-targeted email that has a few lines specifically targeting your prospect, what he/she has spoken or socialized about lately; or something that has been written about them. Impact Enterprise’s highly skilled data specialists can get the data, cost effectively and efficiently. Test pilots are always FREE.

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