Innovations in big data, analytics tools, and easier access to broad global data are helping reshape businesses, research, and global initiatives. But data is only valuable when it’s used. Managing that data is an integral process for all organizations, but can be a huge burden.

Luckily, lots of outsourced solutions exist to solve all these problems. Let’s take a look at what the specific issues around data management are and how different professionals can benefit.

Common Data Management Problems

Incomplete Data

This is perhaps the biggest issue with large datasets. Information might have been compiled from various sources, collection might have stopped due to cost or time constraints, or the data simply wasn’t available at a certain time. Filling in the gaps can be a massive endeavor, requiring research across countless sources.

Data Conversion

Reconfiguring the data can be the most time consuming process to managing data. This is true for both non-digital content, such as surveys, receipts, or claims that have to be scanned, and digital content, such as emails or reports that need to be reformatted. Some solutions like computer macros or optical character recognition (OCR) can simplify the work, but the technology is still inadequate and requires manual data entry.

Erroneous Data

Whenever data is collected or converted, there’s always the possibility for errors. Handling large datasets requires reviewing that the information collected is correct or formatted consistently. Simple problems like punctuation, number formats, or field mapping can ruin the database. Human decision may be the only way to catch mistakes that a computer isn’t able to recognize.

Various Solutions for Various Organizations


All businesses are concerned with efficiency. Outsourcing has many benefits besides cutting costs, and DSC00340v2data management can improve operations both internally and externally. All sectors of business have to deal with data, whether it’s customer records, inventory numbers, market data, or proprietary content. While most businesses simply can’t handle scaling their operations, some struggle to even get their data management off the ground.

The right outsourcing partner can help compliment all your needs, whether it’s scaling or providing expertise. One-off data conversion projects or ongoing support can be done cost effectively and provide insight into new revenue opportunities. An experienced company can also fill in your knowledge gaps to ensure you have a process that makes sense for your growth plan.

Research Facilities

Universities and private research organizations often are unaware of the services available to assist with their work. These professionals handle huge stacks of data, ranging from historic financial reports to foreign medical records to global climate surveys. Researchers often work independently and resources are difficult to share. As a result, the default decision is to involve university volunteers, such as grad students, close to the institution.

Today, a global pool of educated graduates is at their disposal to help manage this data. Outsourcing companies are highly competitive with their hiring process and often select from top universities in their countries. They can offer industry-specific knowledge and insight of the same caliber as domestic volunteers. This allows for researchers to spend their time analyzing their data rather than digging through the noise.

Public Institutions

Governments around the world are gradually adopting electronic systems for all their services. However, budget constraints, red tape, and undeveloped relationships have made this a slow process. Yet these are the institutions with the most to gain in the long term. Developing countries in particular will have a huge opportunity to convert their records to digital form. Even established institutions such as foreign embassies and multinational organizations, like the IMF or World Bank, can expand their record management globally.

Luckily, as outsourcing destinations expand throughout the world beyond India and the Philippines, the advantages of outsourcing data management grow in kind. Local expertise in language support, geographic knowledge, and process workflow will make partnering with a service provider easier than ever.

High caliber outsourcing providers, like Impact Enterprises, have the capabilities to address all of these issues. Make sure you understand both your data needs and how the outsourcing partner can best help with your projects. Data management doesn’t have to be a daunting process, thanks to the solutions at your disposal.