MoveGB: Helping establishing a new generation of fitness & health offerings

The client:

MoveGB is a UK company providing membership options across a variety of health and fitness offerings, such as gyms, sports clubs, personal trainers, and activity clubs. They give their members the freedom to use various facilities within the MoveGB network without being restricted by a contract. Their goal is to help people lead a more active lifestyle.

The challenge

MoveGB had built an exciting service offering and were ready to quickly scale across the UK. In order for their members to gain value from their subscriptions, MoveGB needed to quickly partner with more health and fitness providers across the country to cover the demanded locations. This would mean researching and engaging thousands of businesses in dozens of cities across the country. As a start-up, their limited sales team simply couldn’t work fast enough to hit the growth targets desired.

“Impact Enterprises saved us 650 hours of research work. We would never have been able to do this amount of work in the same time frame on our own.”
– Justin Mendleton, Managing Director Move GB

The solution

Impact Enterprises was brought on to build out a pipeline of high quality partners as fast as possible. After an initial and successful pilot covering one city, MoveGB created a detailed schedule to target 60 additional locations throughout the UK for us to research local businesses. To provide MoveGB with the most accurate leads possible, we set up a careful review process to filter the lists base on their ongoing feedback.

MoveGB’s expansion led to a new challenge of inputting activity schedules from all the new partners into their platform. MoveGB was satisfied with the success of the previous work, and therefore decided to choose us for this on-going project.

“Impact Enterprises were very flexible to all our demands. They adapted to our schedule to identify leads and they perfectly worked directly into our user interface.”

The impact

We researched 6300 businesses in 61 locations in 7 weeks across the UK. Within 2 months, the total number of new partners increased by 50%. MoveGB has already rolled out to 8 cities and plans to be in 20 cities by the end of 2015.


We were able to assign 6 Data Specialists full time to the project. Over the course of 3 months, they gained unique research experience researching very specific and local information while handling large amounts of data.

“What Impact Enterprises does is great, they give smart people the opportunity to develop. It feels good to be part of it.”