How to keep your emails out of the SPAM folder

Anyone who is marketing knows that email is the number one form of business communication on the market today. With email being so popular, marketing to it is critical.

This popularity has also caused businesses to put up a wall when it comes to email management and only let what’s necessary through to their users. If you’re looking to break through the wall and get your messages through to potential clients, we have a few tips for you!

Tips About Links

Everyone knows that the easiest way to get someone to go to your store, site, or social media page is to provide a link to it! The issue is that spam filters are looking for links to see if they are legitimate or not.

Links or hyperlinks are clickable text that leads the person to another website, form, or email address.

More links aren’t always better, and misleading links are not suggested. Our tips for links seem apparent but are ignored frequently by most marketers.

Keep The Link Count Down

The link count is significant when it comes to making it through spam filters. Most spam filters will automatically block emails with fifteen or more links, but many filters are even pickier than that!

Those Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram icons count, too, so watch how many are in your email signature.

We’d recommend keeping the link count at three or lower. If you have to push it, you can have five, but the more links you have, the less likely it is that your email makes it through.

Don’t Spoof Links

Spoofing links will get you instantly sent to the spam bucket, even if it’s only one. Spoofing links is the act of changing what the link looks like to make it more clickable. If you can afford to put the direct website in your email, this will help.

If you are going to put text over the top of an actual link, you’ll want to make sure the wording depicts where the link is sending the user.

Tips About Wording

We are in the day and age where computers can recognize speech patterns. The computers know all the hook words and questions you could ask to drive people’s eyes to your email.

This creates an interesting situation where you still need to get people to read what you’re selling while avoiding triggering the spam filter.

Avoid Questions Within the First Few Sentences or Subject

If you are going to ask a question, try to have it further down in the email and definitely don’t include it in the subject of the email. We’ve even seen legitimate email be blocked when it has a question mark in the subject line.

Try to stick with factual statements and lead into questions if you’re trying to make people question their life decisions.

Avoid Using Common Spam Words and Phrases

Along with the question marks, there are some “gotcha” phrases that spam filters will block every time. These filters look for statements like “we made something just for you” or “for only 30 days, we’re offering you a free car.”

Stay away from vague, promising phrases and get right to the point with your statements. This will both make people trust you and get you around those pesky filters.

Manage Your Reputation

Managing domain and business reputation on the internet can be complicated, and reputation management may be a place where you need to hire an IT professional to help.

There are many free tools and paid tools you can utilize to get your domain put above the rest when it comes to filtering.

Check Your IP and Domain Reputation and Keep It Clean

IP reputation can be complicated. With this being said, there are many tools to check if your domain is on a block list.

You can simply look up “domain blocklist checker,” and you’ll be able to put your domain into the tool to see how you’re doing. If you are on a block list, go to the blocklist’s website and request removal.

IP and domain block removals can take a few days, but it will help drastically when it comes to marketing.

Utilize A 3rd Party Service to Send Your Marketing Emails

There are marketing tools available like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. These services manage their IP reputation and ensure that your emails aren’t going to get blocked for any backend reasons.

Using one of these email marketing tools allows you to focus on the email content and keep your messaging clear and concise.

Keeping Everything Clean

When you are looking to keep emails out of the spam folder, these tips have been proven to be tried and true. If we had to narrow it down to a few words, we’d have to say keep your emails short and precise.

The less there is for a spam filter to match on, the more likely an email is to make it through. There are many things that machine learning has started looking for, and this environment is constantly changing.

Make sure you keep up-to-date lead generation and much more by viewing our other blogs here at Impact Enterprises!

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