Over the past ten years or so, traditional employment models have been shifting in favor of freelancing and outsourced arrangements. The proliferation of remote working means that workers can complete projects for a company without having to head into the office, allowing an increasing number of people to work flexibly as contractors or consultants. As such, the practice of business process outsourcing (BPO) has become increasingly widespread. Many small businesses and start-ups are choosing to enlist the services of lead generation companies, marketing agencies, finance professionals, and more to get a range of necessary tasks done.

So, of the available outsourcing options available to managers and business owners, which are the most effective? In this guide, we break down a few important reasons why using managed teams over freelancers is better both for businesses and workers.

  1. Better Results

    – Freelancers are accountable only to themselves, so they may not produce high-quality work. According to the results of a recent study exploring the ability of crowdsourced workers to complete big data handling tasks compared to managed workers, the crowdsourced team were 2,300% more likely to make errors – a shocking statistic that demonstrates the positive power of teamwork!

  2. More availability –

    Independent contractors manage their own schedule and are under no obligation to make appointments that suit the needs of the businesses they are working for. With a managed team, setting meeting times is often less of a hassle.

  3. Better for workers 

    Employees working on a salaried basis for a company often benefit from greater financial security compared to freelancers. By working as part of a team, they are likely to be granted sick leave, maternity leave, and pension programs that freelancers are not able to enjoy.

  4. More cost-effective if training is required 

    Many businesses require their outsourced workers to undergo training, particularly if their business uses unique systems. By using a managed team, you do not have to train individual freelancers, something which can be time-consuming and costly.

  5. More rewarding relationships 

    If you need your outsourced workers to build strong relationships with your clients, freelancers may not a suitable option. With a managed team, workers will have built up strong bonds with people in your business and be more aware of issues affecting particular clients. This can be very valuable when it comes to pleasing your clients and providing a friendlier, more reliable service.

  6. Fewer classification issues 

    Hiring freelancers can sometimes cause legal issues surrounding the classification of workers, particularly if you do not allow them to set how, when and where their work is performed or to set their own pricing. Businesses can avoid any disputes or legal problems by hiring managed teams.

  7. Work can still go on if a team member falls sick 

    If a freelancer gets sick or faces unexpected problems in their personal life, they may not be able to complete the work they have asked you to do. By enlisting the services of a managed team, however, you can avoid this issue. If one person quits or goes on maternity leave, you can rest assured that your project manager will still deliver on time with the resources they have available.

  8. Workers are more invested in producing positive outcomes 

    While freelancers will probably be keen to secure a steady stream of work from you, they are unlikely to be invested in the success of your company. Workers on managed teams are likely to feel committed to your brand and, therefore, will be more motivated to produce work that goes above and beyond expectations.


As you can see, hiring managed business processing services to develop and grow your business is likely to produce better outcomes compared to hiring freelancers. This is particularly true if you’re on the lookout for B2B lead generation services such those offered by Impact Enterprises. We are one of the best lead generation companies operating right now, recruiting skilled young professional in Zambia, Africa, and offering them a life-changing opportunity to demonstrate their skills and dedication.

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