How long have you been working at Impact Enterprises?

Mukala Mukala - 27 years

Mukala Mukala – 27 years

I’ve been here since 7 months.

What IT skills did you learn here at Impact Enterprises?

I mainly learned project management and task delegation here. If you asked me about IT specifically, then I would say I learned how to work with programmes in the cloud such as Google docs etc.

What are your future goals professionally?

No matter what I do, I hope to make an impact, a significant contribution for the nation. I don’t know yet what way I will take but hopefully it will be significant enough to make a difference. Maybe one day I will have my own IT company.

How is working at Impact Enterprise helping you towards your goals?

I am in charge of a team and I am responsible for different projects. That helps me to learn manager skills, to organise and delegate tasks and I hope that this will help me for the future.

What was your most memorable experience at Impact Enterprises?

The happiest times are when we have returning clients. That means they were happy with our work.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about the possibilities of information technology for developing countries like ours. Every day I try to look at what is trending in the IT sector globally and see in which ways IT can make a contribution.

Tell us something you love about Zambia

I think we have a lot of potential. We are right now in a state of transition. A lot of the older leaders are phasing out and new generations of people come up. Most of them now understand what it takes to build a nation and if everyone takes charge, then we can make great contributions. Zambia is my country. Despite the numerous challenges we still have to go through, I mainly feel love for Zambia.