As the outsourcing industry has matured over the last 30 years, a shift in the competitive landscape has exposed the colossal opportunity for impact sourcing. The industry has reached a divergence point, exposing inefficiencies that require new solutions.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has played a crucial role in the growth and improved efficiency of businesses around the world for more than twenty years. However, the industry’s remarkable success in destinations such as India and the Philippines has begun to undermine their competitiveness.

Rapid economic growth has contributed to rising wages in the business centers, which is threatening the ability of these outsource destinations to deliver the same value to clients as was previously possible.

Businesses are now looking for the next great outsourcing frontier.

Impact sourcing service providers (ISSPs), like Impact Enterprises, are proving that new locations like Africa are the land of opportunity. We are leveraging high-potential countries that can deliver superior cost-effectiveness and reliability.

costThe increasing diversity of companies and institutions looking to outsource their operations is in turn increasing the diversity of services being demanded. From the customers’ perspective, ISSPs are solving a mismatch between the types of client services provided and demanded at the lower end of the outsourcing spectrum.

Companies, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs), demand lower-cost back office and data management solutions. Unfortunately, large high-end traditional outsourcers often lack the flexibility to take on minimum contract sizes and low-end crowdsourced freelancers cannot provide a reliable, scalable solution.

ISSPs like Impact Enterprises in particular fill this gap by

  • Taking on small contracts that other BPO providers overlook
  • Working directly with clients to develop personalized solutions that we can scale alongside their growth
  • Ensuring quality beyond that of freelancers through continuous in-house training and management oversight
  • Minimizing costs from our emerging location

The burgeoning tech start-up industry is becoming a highly lucrative outsourcing target for those who can provide the appropriate services. Our goals and prospects grow brighter every day. In our first year alone, Impact Enterprises grew on average 30% month over month. To date, we’ve partnered with 17 companies and universities, large and small, in the U.S. and Europe to provide exceptional outsourcing services.

ISSPs are bridging an industry gap for start-ups, universities, and public institutions. They are first entrants into a new, high-potential niche market and positioning themselves to become a major player in the post-Asian era of outsourcing.