The Client:

Our client is a digital marketing agency based in New York. They provide a full spectrum of marketing services such as web design and SEO, content marketing, PR, and social media management. Our client creates forward thinking and interconnected marketing campaigns with great impact on business results.


The Challenge:

The variety of service offerings provided by our client – specifically around social media – made it difficult to concentrate on their expanding client portfolio. Internal staff was forced to do time consuming tasks like social media management instead of concentrating on more strategic and creative work. Our client felt that they needed an additional team that could handle and oversee unique social media projects in a seamless way and in alignment to each brand they handle.

“Impact Enterprises helps us to focus
on what really matters:
providing great strategic and
creative solutions for our clients”
-CEO & Co-Founder

The Solution:

We approached our client at the right time and offered a flexible way of working together by offering a personalized solution for each of their projects. We familiarized ourselves with each of the individual clients and strategies across the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instragram and quickly went to work managing their campaigns.

In addition to the pure management of social media campaigns, we were also tasked to research, collect, and suggest content that our client used for their outbound communications. To ensure and optimize quality, we generated daily progress reports so that our client could see the effect of our work and revised our methods based on their ongoing feedback.

“Impact Enterprises totally adapts to all of our needs and always comes up with good solutions”

The Impact:

Whether working directly on the social media platform or through third party apps, our Data Specialists helped boost user following, plan outreach timelines, and collect unique content. After 6 months, we were supporting 25 clients across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Our data specialists had the opportunity to work on marketing and social media related topics. They gained insight into how social media marketing at a digital marketing agency works. This proved to be a unique experience they would not be able get anywhere else in Zambia.

“We love to work with a
socially conscious company.
That’s what every brand should be like”