How long have you been working at Impact Enterprises?

Rodger Lungu - 20 years old

Rodger Lungu – 20 years old

I have worked here one year.

What IT skills did you learn here at Impact Enterprises?

I’ve mostly learned online research here. I already had some basic levels because I had attended a basic computer school before, but here I could add more knowledge to what I already knew.

What are your future goals?

Professionally, my plans are to start my own construction company. Therefore, I am going to study civil engineering.

How is working at Impact Enterprises helping you towards your goals?

This was my first work experience in a real office, so I learned how to work together with people with different values and walks of life. Working here also permitted me to save up a certain amount of money. Through my online research skills, I could find more information about how to start my company, to get ideas and inspiration.

What was your most memorable experience at Impact Enterprises?

I think I will remember Impact Enterprises for teaching me to think out of the box. We have weekly trainings on goal setting, professionalism etc. and in the beginning I was thinking that the one hour of training is wasted time. But after a while I came to realise that it makes me think bigger. I’ve learned to set smart goals for myself.

Tell us something you love about Zambia

The reason why I love Zambia is because it’s a place where people easily accommodate you. Even if you don’t know anyone in a specific place, people are more than willing to help you.