How long have you been working at Impact Enterprises?


Keith Bwalya Nsofwa – 20 years old

I was at Impact for 8 months, then I went to university for 9 months to study natural sciences and now I am back at Impact since 2 months.

What are your future goals?

I want to be a scientist in physics. I would concentrate on electricity.

How is working at Impact Enterprises helping you towards your goals?

Working in a team was new to me; I learned how to coordinate with other people. Before Impact I had no work experience, so that was very important for me.
When I went to university after working here for 8 months, I felt how useful the research skills are. Other students didn’t know anything about that and were just trying to catch up.

What are you passionate about?

I like computer games and I also like reading. I read novels or I do research about psychology. I wanted to study psychology but I actually don’t think it exists here in Zambia. I tried, but I couldn’t find anything. They mainly concentrate on the main fields, such as medicine etc. Maybe for my masters I could go abroad.

Tell us something you love about Zambia

I like Zambia because it’s a peaceful nation. If I could change anything, I would love the politicians to concentrate more efforts on bringing development to the rural areas.