Nelicy - 19 years old

Nelicy – 19 years old

How long have you been working at IE?

1 year 9 months

What IT skills did you learn here at IE?

I’ve learned a lot. I did a course on Introduction to Computers, which was an introduction to Microsoft Excel, Word and Access. When I came here I learned more of the practical skills, like I was able to speed up my typing skills.

What are your future goals/ plans (for the next year) professionally?

I want to go to school next year. I want to study my diplomacy for nursing.

How is working at IE helping you towards your goals?

Actually the time I came to Impact I was kind of a shy person, but being here I have had to interact with people, I knew how people worked. Basically how to open up to people.

Is there anything you would love to learn in your free time?

Being here at Impact, I have learned a lot. The workshops are really helping. The IT month I’ve learned certain things I didn’t know, so I am looking forward to Wednesdays.