Evelyn - 19 years old

Evelyn – 19 years old

How long have you been working at IE?

One year

What are your future goals professionally?

I actually want to be a doctor so probably next year I will be going to the school of medicine for pediatrics. That is why I am working so much because I want to save money to start school next September.

How is working at IE helping you towards your goals?

Impact has really helped me. Now I have goals, I know I want to go to school. I have targets every month. I have to raise money for school so I have targets to meet to make that money. I know I have to make a certain amount of calls in order to make that goal.

What was your most memorable experience at IE?

I think most memorable was the first time I was awarded Employee of the Month. They were able to recognize my efforts. It was really memorable for me because I love my job, so I appreciated being recognized.

What are your hobbies?

I love singing, I do a lot of signing. I also love cooking. I like playing basketball. I like sports so at least once a week I try to play basketball outside of work.