How long have you been working at Impact Enterprises?

Sandra Mwale - 25 years old

Sandra Mwale – 25 years old

1 year and 7 months.

What are your future goals professionally?

I want to be an accountant. I’ve already done one year of university, I stopped to work here and hopefully this year I am going to continue with my second year.

How is working at Impact Enterprise helping you towards your goals?

Impact helps me to earn enough for my second year of studies. But here I also learn to be committed and to do what I am supposed to be doing. It’s about setting goals and achieving them.

What are you passionate about?

I started running a little chicken business a couple of months ago. I buy and raise chicken and then I resell them. That’s what I am passionate at the moment.

Is there anything you would love to learn in your free time?

I would love how to learn baking. I would love to bake cakes and bread for my friends and family.

Tell us something you love about Zambia

It’s a friendly and peaceful place. However, I think we need to change something here in the economy. Lately, the inflation rate has been higher from single to double digits, which makes it difficult for people to do business and make money to have a better life.